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  • What is at the end of your rainbow ?

    What is at the end of your rainbow ?

    It is good to wish for things,it is better to take those steps to make it happen.Having aims and hopes in life is good.Taking steps towards obtaining them is what is important.Even a small step is progress.So take that small step now and get where you want to be.

    Look at the gull in the picture,where is it going,and what will happen as it flies through the rainbow ?
    Let your mind fly away for a while and see where it takes you,fly through the rainbow or land and look at what is at the end of yours.

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client testimonials

  • I would like to express a big thank you for the valuable support you provide me over the weeks that I had come to see you.

    I was at a point when I felt I couldn’t move forward because of emotional paralysis arising from childhood experiences and by family demands that was being placed on me at the time. I recall feeling that life had zapped all my energy and I believed that I may never be able to find my way through the maze of conflicting emotions and the overwhelming sense of loss of control over how I could move my life forward.

    After only two sessions I gained a big sense of balance in my daily life, and by practicing the self-hypnosis techniques that you taught me, I felt I was better equipped to ‘hold on’ to that feeling of renewed confidence and was driven to focus on the important things and permit myself to have ‘me’ time.

    Going through hypnotherapy has been life changing, and I am so glad I found someone who takes such pride in their work, are thorough and listens actively to their patients concerns.

    I would not hesitate to recommend anyone that has any sort of problems to come along and talk to you.

    Once again Philip thank you for helping me through what I thought was a difficult time for me.

    I am very grateful – thank you.

    Gulten, (Confidence,life coaching )

  • I had hypnotherapy treatment with Phil for Pain Management and Chronic Fatigue. I found that the treatment enabled me to accept my situation and the techniques Phil taught me I still use daily. It has helped ease my longstanding health problems and I would recommend using his services to experience the amazing lifestyle changes.

    Paula, Norwich

  • Smoking & feeling anxious were my two biggest problems for many years. In a very simple, relaxed manner & in just two sessions, Phil helped me to overcome them.
    I would highly recommend this charming man to anyone thinking about hypnotherapy.

    Faye, (Anxiety and smoking cessation)

  • Thanks for your help I have now not only lost the weight but this time am keeping it off. It means so much to me to be able to go out for long walks and play with my grandkids. The EFT you used and taught me is great and I have used it to get rid of a recurring headache I had. I have recommended your services to my friends at Weighwatchers so get ready for the phone to be ringing.

    Susan, (weight Management)

  • You said one session and that is all it took, I walked away from you a non smoker. I have tried before but this time with your help it has worked. I was on 20 a day and knew I needed to give up for my health and family. Now I have to decide what to do with the extra £200 per month I have. Your calm relaxed attitude really helped. Thanks Ben.

    Ben, (smoking cessation)

  • After years of not being able to get in a lift, I had one session with you and now can cope. I love the EFT really good and I can use it for many other things. Coming back for a stop smoking session soon.

    Kate, (Claustrophobia)

  • Somehow I had lost confidence,about myself and passing a selection procedure for a new job.I decided to try EFT.I can truly say that after one session I felt much more confident,much better about myself.It put a smile back on my face.This was all done over Skype.I did a second session the day before the selection day and am so pleased to be able to say I passed the selection process,thank you so much Philip,I now have my dream job.

    Katie, (Interview preparation and self esteem)

  • I have to admit that when I first came to you it was pretty much as a last resort rather than with any real expectation of winning the battle with the crippling facial neuralgia I was suffering. At that time the condition was still undiagnosed, which was frightening in itself, and the bouts of pain were so severe and their occurrence so unpredictable that I could no longer drive or live my normal active life, my spirit was crushed and to me the whole situation seemed hopeless.
    How wrong I was! In fact, from our very first session, your calm confidence was infectious. You didn’t promise miracles but you had no doubt we could bring about improvements and you supplied me with a portfolio of mental tools to help me take control of the pain and gradually notch it down – and they worked.
    And to my surprise, once I felt I had the reins back in my own hands I found the enthusiasm to deal with other aspects of my life such as weight control, stress, my overall health and general attitudes. Friends and family have all noticed the difference in me in just a few weeks. What’s more, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with you on all these issues and look forward to discovering more about my subconscious mind in the future.
    Thanks Philip – I really do see life differently now.

    Lesley, Co.Down