• Stop Smoking

    You want to stop smoking, we want you to stop and we will make this a reality.  At See Life Differently, we do this by using clinical hypnotherapy combined with EFT, NLP and CBT. one session is all it takes to get there. All you need to do is be committed to stopping smoking, sit back, relax, chat, listen and leave as a non smoker, it is that easy.

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  • Stress Relief

    Stress in your life can have a huge affect and on you and those around you. Perhaps it is making you irritable, causing relationship problems, leading to sleepless nights or making you constantly feel unwell. You may feel anxious all the time. Let us address the real issue together at See Life Differently.

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  • Weight Management

    A unique 5 session programme that incorporates hypnotherapy, EFT,  NLP and CBT will allow you to address weight issues, with long lasting effect. At See Life Differently, we can help you totally alter your relationship with food.

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  • Weekend Retreat

    True relaxation. We harness the amazing therapy of hypnosis to allow you to take part in wonderful experiences during which your body is so relaxed that self -healing and cleansing can take place, giving you a totally out -of -world and body experience.

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  • anxiety

    Anxiety & Confidence

    Hypnotherapy for Anxiety & Confidence. Here at See Life Differently we use a combination of Clinical Hypnotherapy, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programing ) and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) to deal with anxiety.   Anxiety or panic attacks can be dealt with and you will be given the tools to prevent future episodes. We […]

  • pain relief

    Pain Relief

    Pain Relief Hypnotherapy. There are many reasons why people are in permanent or temporary pain. We understand how debilitating pain can be and the effect it can have on normal every day life. So let us help you get your life back and deal with the pain. Here at See Life Differently we will work […]


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